23 September 2014

Muhammad Ruhul Qudus


He is the best thing ever gifted to me.

Alhamdulillah for the gift from heaven Ya Allah :)

Love, emy.

15 July 2014

Pregnancy: Baby Checklist

Assalammualaikum :)

It's a Nuzul Al-Quran day, so today, Selangor, Wilayah and few other states have declared as a Public Holiday. I plan to buy some baby items today so I have been busy doing research to compare prices, brands, etc,.

Here, I'd like to share baby checklist that I'd gotten from QQ Baby Shop:

I try to be practical and only purchase necessary items.

InsyaAllah, I'll share with mommies what I bought and what I think about it *i think i have to wait until my baby use it before i can review sigh*

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

10 July 2014

Viva Palestina

I was an ignorant, once. When there was a news about Israel attacking Palestine, I didn't bother - much.

Now, I am not the old me anymore. Though, sometimes, it slips my mind where I think we shouldn't feel sorry for the Palestina instead be happy for them, they are on jihad - free ticket to Heaven - but still, thing I have to ponder - the test is for them and for us. But what is there for us?

Easy - Allah is testing us - how are we going to help our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters? I can't go there and fight with them. *husband is so eager to join the Hamas if he can.* The least I can do is to support them, but how?

Here, you can now donates to any valid charity bodies.

One of them is Viva Palestina:

Help them by feeding them.

"Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a rewars like that of the fasting person" - Al-Tarmidhi.

What you give, you'll get back. Allah will reward you more :) InsyaAllah.

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

03 July 2014

Pregnancy: leg cramps

It was 4 am in the morning and I was repositioning my body when suddenly I felt my under knee at the shin area was in pain. I tried to massage the area but the pain went worst. I didn't know what to do I suddenly cried. (I was crying not entirely because of the pain, but because I remembered a caller on the radio earlier this week said she wasn't able to do kueh raya last Ramadhan because she was half paralyzed - from waist to toe - after giving birth and I imagined the worst, I, too, will paralyze, nauzubillah, scary thing to imagine).

Husband was awoke by my crying and asked what happened. I told him my right leg suddenly feel so painful. But he said don't worry, I just had a leg cramped. He sat up and straighten my leg and gently bend my toes towards me. A few seconds or minutes later the pain was released.

I thanked husband for the knowledge he has on the leg cramps because I was totally clueless that my leg was cramped *sigh* and husband asked why didn't I wake him up, he was so nervous he thought I had a contraction and thought I am about to give birth *lol*.


I did a check up at the government clinic and I told the nurse that I had a leg cramped recently and she said it is normal for a 8 or 9 month pregnant mother but it's too early for me. She said I need more calcium. Well, I admit, I didn't drink or take calcium tablet since my doctor changed my prescription. My HB is very low so I was given a zincofer instead of the normal obimin or folic acid. I can't take zincofer together with calcium and the only time I can consume calcium is at night when usually I'd forgetten and already went to bed *tskkk.

Other reasons of leg cramps during pregnancy:

1) Fatigue of carrying pregnancy weight
2) Compression of the blood vessel in the leg

How to avoid leg cramps - do stretching or exercise.

That was the only time I had a leg cramped and I haven't yet had a swollen feets and legs ache. Maybe soon?

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

28 June 2014

Ramadhan Mubarak

30 days ago, I shared how many of us still have not yet prepare for Ramadhan (entry: my Ramadhan goal). Hopefully, by Maghrib, everyone has already have a list of what to achieve this Ramadhan :)
This entry is specially dedicated to those who knew me and if I ever hurt any one of you, I am so sorry.
It will be useless to strive for Allah but our heart is still darken by a grudge. I admit, I still hold grudges against people who especially hurts me, but slowly, I try to let it go. I try to always remember that no one will enter Jannah until they forgive.
Wishing everyone, Happy Ramadhan and have a blessed one ! Don't waste it with sins, cos you never know this might be your last Ramadhan.
Salaam, emy.

27 June 2014

haze o haze

It has been a week since I received my tetanus injection (entry: Pregnancy: Tetanus injection) and it has been almost a week I had my fever. I thought the injection cause the fever, apparently not really, I'm actually lacking of water. The weather is so warm and hazy lately and cause my eyes to teary, cough and flu.

I went to see a doctor and she gaves me a lot of medicines which, I'm afraid to consume. I scared it will affect my baby but the doctor says no, but who knows. I never like to eat pills, I usually let myself recover naturally.

But last night I was coughing like non-stop and husband could not sleep. He ask me to drink the cough syrup, well, it healed me that night. Alhamdulillah, I'm a bit better today.

Anyway, I hope people out there take care of your health. It's not cool to celebrate Ramadhan by being sick teheee. It's hazy so stay indoor, drink plenty of water and turn on your aircond. This message brought to you by lovely emy.

Till then, bye :)

23 June 2014

Pregnancy: 4D scan at Putra Medical Centre

Note: As much as I want to share my baby photo, I have to suppress the action until I deliver my baby. InsyaAllah, if Allah's will, I will update this post and upload the 4D scan of my baby :)

I don't really do any survey of where to do my detailed ultrasound - 4D scan - and how much does it cost. I've been doing my check up at PMC Sungai Buloh since my 6 or 7 week of pregnancy, so I just ask my obstetrician, Dr. Ratna if PMC offer the service and yes, they do.

If you are a mom-to-be and is doing a survey on 4D scan, here are some info that I thought might be useful to you :)

The best time to do 4D scan is when your baby is at 22-30 week. You are not suggested to do it earlier or later than that because it's either your baby is not well developed yet or your baby is already too big thus make it impossible to do the detailed scanning. Dr. Ratna suggest that I go when my baby is at 22 week but the sonographer who is supposed to do the scanning keep posponing my appointment, so I did my 4D scan when I was at 25 week of pregnancy.

I asked my friends and colleagues who are now a mother if they did 4D scan and how much does it cost, apparently the price range is between RM100-200. As for me, PMC charged me RM145 which includes consultation during the scan - you can ask whatever you want to ask about your baby, they do 2D & 4D scans so that they can explain in details of your baby development, they allow you to hear the baby's heartbeat - I know in government clinic they do this everytime you do check up right, nothing special. Also - mine comes with a CD which includes pictures and videos during the scan process.

I know you wish you could spend all your time with your unborn baby by looking and hearing the heartbeat through the ultrasound machine, but I'm afraid the OB (obstetrician) won't be able to entertain you *sorry* My session took around 20-30 minutes or less but it was a good 20-30 minutes spent as we had all the information we need.

Many of my friends did not do 4D scan because they felt that they can't really see the image. Yes, I agree, if the OB did not tell me which part is which, I wouldn't know which is the eyes, nose, ears, etc. But, to be able to see the shape of my baby's nose which is sharp like my Ayah and not big like my Mama :p is fun and to know that my baby is normal and nothing should fear me is a great feeling. Alhamdulillah. Oh oh, I also got to see that my baby had a sulky mouth when he sleeps. We are not sure who he follows though cos husband always smile when he sleeps like a sleeping beauty tskkkkk while I, husband never notice how I look like when I sleep *sigh.

Hopefully all the information are sufficient for mom-to-be out there :)

Thank you Allah for this gift.
Which of your favour that I deny? None.

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

20 June 2014

Pregnancy: scaling during pregnancy

I have bleeding gums problem since before I pregnant but right after I'm pregnant, the problem has become severe. Not only I spit blood when I brush my teeth, my gums feel itchy too and swollen at few places. I mentioned about it to my doctor and she gaves me Calcium and Vitamin C tablets to be taken daily. But only consumed the pills wasn't sufficient, my gums was still bleeding, so I decided to go to dental care and get consultation from a dentist.

No kidding, but it was really scary to see a dentist, haha, I thought only kids will feel that. Husband scared of the dentist too :B Yeah, husband did scaling too, hehe,.

I asked so many questions to the dentist and he gaves me a lot of advises too, like what I should and shouldn't be eating, etc. No, it is not dangerous to do scaling during pregnancy and it is even better if you have severe gum disease. And, it is normal for pregnant lady to be infected by a gum disease. So, it is your responsibility to take extra care of it.

Alhamdulillah, so far, I don't spit blood when I brush my teeth :)

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

19 June 2014

Pregnancy: Tetanus injection

I had my first tetanus (ATT) injection on my 5th visit of pregnancy check up.

The doctor never give me heads up about the injection, like a month before the check up, so I wasn't prepared mentally and physically. And because of that, right after the injection, I had a mild fever, flu, sore throat and swelling at injection site which is at my buttock area *sigh. I hardly sit properly and thank you to husband who always laugh at me for having too many issues at that area since I got pregnant. I had constipation and sometimes diarrhea and few other embarrassing affliction at that area.

I googled why should I received this shot during pregnancy, apparently, it helps to prevent tetanus to me and my baby. I understand from my doctor that before I deliver my baby, I should get my second shot. Now that I'm mentally prepared, I hope I'm not as weak as I am now *sigh.

Being pregnant is so challenging yet so fun. I have so many reasons to tell my husband that I can't do many things that I usually do like walking fast, so he will walk slowly with me despite his long leg is usually 2 to 3 steps ahead of me. Thank you husband for being considerate although you laughed at my swollen injection area :)

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

18 June 2014

Farrell Iskander aqiqah ceremony

Muhammad Farrell Iskander is my newborn nephew.

Recently, we had his Aqiqa ceremony at home. He was being a good boy during the entire event. Mak Long prays Farrell will always be a good boy :) ameen, insyaAllah.

Farrell Iskander's throne.
Farrell Iskander and his Papa & Mama during the 'cukur jambul/cukur rambut' ceremony. He went bald after the event.
Farrell Iskander in his cute 'baju melayu' sleeps like a prince in his throne :)

Farrell Iskander with Mak Long.

Oh, I miss this little man so much. See my tummy, there's Farrell's cousin inside, teheee.

Haha, sorry, I don't have anything much to say. Anyway, Aqiqa is one of the Islamic ceremony to celebrate the newborn baby in Islam. You can sacrifice animal(s) and cook it and distribute it to others and also totally remove the baby's hair. The true intention of the event is to show one's gratefulness to Allah.

I can't wait to organise my own baby aqiqah event :))

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

17 June 2014

Arab girls gathering

Note: Before anyone read and make further assumption, let me emphasize that the title is not related to any Arab girls nor do we claim we look like one :)

Few weeks ago, I received a Whatsapp message from one of my sweetheart from Arab class who then was asking whether or not I'm interested to join her attending Being Me (Muslimah conference) that held on 14th June 2014. Man, she souldn't ask me and should have just buy the ticket instead *sigh. I wouldn't say NO. I love attending Ilm event but eversince I got pregnant I have to minimize the activity and choose one that is not conducted at night. So, I said yes and looking forward for the event.

I stopped Arab class during my first trimester because I had a very bad morning sickness and among it - easily felt tired and sleepy. So, I haven't seen the Arab girls for few month already. I miss them so much. And the opportunity given by Allah to see them again I'm ,so grateful.

Here we are :)

Believe me, I'm the 'youngest' among all :P hahaaa, of course I'm the oldest, they are all so young and pretty and already exposed to love Islam at the very young age. I wish I could turn back time and attend more Ilm event to increase my deen.

InsyaAllah I will share in my blog what I gained during the conference. According to one of the speaker, he said, you gain nothing if you don't do anything with the knowledge you just gained.

P/s: You won't be able to see my tummy because I'm so petite *sigh. People wouldn't know that I'm pregnant if I don't tell. They will just thought that I have a puffy tummy.

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

15 June 2014

Happy Father's Day

My father was a tough fierce man when I was a kid and I never imagine I will see him cry, I thought I will never able to see it. I was wrong.

The first time he cried was when my grandfather passed away.
And the second time, it was me who made him cried. I still remember the event. I was crying and begging my parents for something and my father couldn't bear to see me crying so hard, he dropped his tears. How could I? You know a man will cry for you when he loves you so much? Yes, my father does love me so much.

And I love him too. Happy Father's Day Ayah.

Ayah is a good advisor. Especially when it comes about relationship and marriage. He gives advise based on man's perspective, so I always listen to him and learn from it.

Ladies, remember, the only man who will never hurt you is your Father. He just want the best for you.

Btw, Happy Father's Day to my husband too, who is a future father-to-be, InsyaAllah :) and my father-in-law and my brother and my brother-in-law too :D

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

12 June 2014

TH Hotel, Penang

Last 2 weeks, husband & I had a trip to Penang to attend friend's wedding at Bagan Serai.

We decided to stay at TH Hotel, Penang simply because it is nearer to the second bridge and we can do late check-out before heading down to Bagan Serai for the wedding.

TH Hotel is owned by Tabung Haji and is build inside the Tabung Haji complex. Before the check in, we were a bit scared because we did not bring our marriage certificate, just in case they want the proof of our marriage. If worse comes to worst we decided to show the picture of our baby scan *sigh. Apparently no, they don't request for your marriage certificate, hehe.

The hotel room is so spacious that you can even run inside, heh. The bathroom is also spacious and they provide a very basic essential like soap and shampoo. Make sure you bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste. Extra point that they also provide the praying mat so that you don't have to use towel as your praying mat :)

Unfortunately, they don't provide iron inside the room, thus, you have to walk to the iron room. They only provide one iron room at each floor with one iron and one board. A minus point there because you have to long queue to iron your clothes.

Overall, for a short trip like mine and if you don't have the need to iron your clothes, I will still suggest you to consider TH Hotel for a budget stay. It cost me RM130 per night.

Lot 5789 & 5790
Jalan Dato' Ismail Hashim
11900 Bayan Lepas
Pulau Pinang
Telefon : 04-641 2284
Faks : 04-641 2297
E-mel : rsvnpenang@thhotels.com.my
Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

11 June 2014

NN Premier Screening - Blended

Alhamdulillah, Nuffnang was so kind that they gave away 25 pairs of tickets to watch Blended premier screening last night. The movie will be out on 12th June, till then, let me spoil the story for you :B

Jim & Lauren went for a blind date but it turned out to be a disaster. They decided not to meet each other again, until, they accidentally stuck together during a family trip in Africa. During the trip they slowly bonding and blended with each other's family.
The movie is funny of course casting by 2 famous comedy actor,s but I strictly do not encourage kids to watch this movie although it's a family movie. The language used is too harsh for young kids. But if you are a couple, lovey dovey, etc, go ahead :) It's worth your money if you want to laugh over something.
Thanks husband for the movie date :)
Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

09 June 2014

EPF withdrawal to purchase a house

Note: My experience is based on purchasing a house from a developer.

My company declare it's a holiday in lieu due to Agong's birthday today. So I thought I should get my things-to-do-list done before my due date. One in the list is to withdraw the EPF money (from Account 2) for house that husband & I purchased last year.

We just need to have:

1) Application form KWSP 9C (AHL) - download here
2) Original and photocopy of Sales & Purchase agreement (3 years validity from signed date)
3) Original and photocopy of Letter of Offer from bank (applicable for housing loan)

Submit all the required documents to the nearest EPF branch and I am done.
The money will be credited to our bank in within 2 working weeks.

You can read more from their portal,

MY version
EN version

Make sure you read the manual to understand further like who is eligable to apply, terms of withdrawal, how much amount you can withdraw, etc,.

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

07 June 2014

Love the One you're with

Hey hey, this is my first book review for this year.
It is taking too long cos this actually is the first book I've read this year *sigh.

I've bought this book 2 years ago while I accompanied my best colleague to buy something for her weekly/monthly reading. Right before I made the purchased, she said that she is going to loan out a book to me that she bought in US. When I showed her what I just bought, she surprisingly said that this is the exact book she wants me to read.

Anyway, the real title of this book is, "If you can't forget the one who got away, can you love the One you're with"..

The book is about Ellen who just got married to Andy suddenly bump into his ex-boyfriend Leo. There is still unsettle emotions going on and Ellen just need to find it out. She told Andy about Leo and Andy makes her choose. She travels to New York to sort out the feeling and she meets Leo, but the feelings are clear to her now. Leo is her past and Andy is her present & future.

Lesson learn from the book: You always know that the one you are married to is the best Allah has chooses for you :)

Till then. bye.
Love, emy.

05 June 2014

Pregnancy: something moving

I was reading my book when my baby actively moving. I thought, why don't I record this moment, everyone keep asking me to appreciate the moment when your baby is kicking.

So I asked my baby to move because I want to video record him, unfortunately, suddenly, he became silence. Pfftt.

When I was about to gave up..., you've gotta see this :)

The baby was making a wave movement. I cannot tell you how ticklish I've felt.
Thank you baby :) Always listen to me, yes.
I'm a happy mother to be.
Thank you Allah. For the chance.
Which of Your favours that I deny? None.
Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

04 June 2014

One day food trip in Penang

We were invited to attend friend's wedding at Bagan Serai last Sunday. Since it's a school holiday until next week, the traffic was massived with vehicles, thus, our initial plan of a day trip to Bagan Serai was changed to Plan B. We stayed in Penang Island on Saturday and went down to Bagan Serai on the next Sunday as we don't want to get too tired driving all the way from KL.

We travel to Penang too much to explore the places, thus, we decided this time we are going to hunt for the foods.

Mee Goreng Sotong (fried noodle with squids) @ Restaurant Hameed, Padang Kota Lama

Nasi Kandar (rice with variety of curries and side dishes) @ Restaurant Deen, Jelutong

Roti Canai Daging (pratha bread like), Transfer Road


Coconut Milkshake @ Restaurant Jalil, Padang Kota Lama

Amazingly, each restaurant we went to, we have to long queue. It made us wanted to stay in queue to taste the food even more. Is the foods tasty? Well, I managed to finish it all, so I guess the foods is a must try, yes, no? Hehe.

Our next must try food in Penang is Assam Laksa & Char Kuey Tiew :)

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

02 June 2014

Air Asia Free Seats

I asked my colleague who already visited Bali before how much is the cheapest flight ticket she surveyed and I'd compared with mine which is RM686 returns for 2 pax chosen seats 1A & 1B - not bad right?

She wished me good luck with the purchase and I told her I already bought. She was surprised because AA just launched the free seats for public today at 12 am. She said I have been working with Singapore colleagues for too long that made me become "kiasu". Tskk.

Anyway, good luck to everyone who already plan for their holiday next year :)

Till the, bye.
Love, emy.

28 May 2014

my Ramadhan goals

Salam to all Muslims out there,

A quick question for you, do you realize than Ramadhan is 30 days away?
Have you prepare yourself for it?
A survey shown that many of us still have not yet written our goal for Ramadhan.
Obviously, many of us still have not yet prepare for it.
By the way, my Ustadz from Al-Quran class has set his students goal for this Ramadhan - to complete the book of Quran. That motivates me to come out with my own list for Ramadhan :)
5 goals for 2014 Ramadhan:
1) Never skip suhoor
2) Attend taraweeh at least 10 times
3) Never skip tahajood
4) Complete the book of Quran
5) Memorize Yassin with the correct tajweed
Seems easy? We will see. Oh, my intention of sharing my goals purely to inspire my Muslim friends to come out with their own goal for this coming Ramadhan. I will not share my end results of course.
May this Ramadan be one we benefit fully from and whereby we increase in our imaan and taqwa, InshaAllah.
Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

22 May 2014

The Little Rascals 2014

When I was a kid, I remember I played the movie over and over and over again because 
I love how cute the kids were. That was 20 years ago? Haha.

So, you know I have this New Year resolution to watch 100 English movies in 365 days *sigh. I can't read 100 books, so I thought watch movie is easier heh.

While choosing what movie to watch today, I saw this poster - The Little Rascals 2014.

Though I can assume what is the story plot likes, I still want to spend my time watching it. I didn't read the summary because I thought it will copy cat the old The Little Rascals movie. Well, it's not exactly the same but almost similar.

The Little Rascals 2014 is about the rascals try to raise money to save Spanky's grandmother's bakery. They do everything from finding a job and get fired to running their own business like doing pet spa, cab service and hold a wrestle competition. But all go wrong and instead of getting money, they are losing them.

Their final resort is to enter the "Talent Show" competition and amazingly their horrible sounds of music turn fine in the end and so they win the competition and manage to raise money for Grandmother.

Lesson learn from the movie - you can't be too bossy or people will dislike you, never give up and teamwork. Also, jealousy will bring you down.

Have fun watching it, if you want ~

16 May 2014

No coffee nor tea

"Coffee or tea, ma'am"

I always go for a cup of coffee. I thought I'm a coffee lover.

I was wrong.


I hadn't been drinking both coffee and tea since early this year - this is some sort of new year resolution thingy , no caffeine , healthy lifestyle haha - well, I managed to bear myself from drinking coffee but, I accidentally drank tea thrice. You should not repeat the same mistake twice and now I've done it 3 times. And I wonder if it was a planned accident. Tsk.

I will still continue my new year resolution of avoiding coffee and maybe tea until end of this year. I know I can achieve something. I will share the end result, okies.

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

11 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Being pregnant makes me appreciate my mother more.

I was someone who never like to take medicines. I only visited doctor either to get my MC or get consultation. But eversince I was pregnant, I never skip taking my vitamins, with extra vitamins, since I'm a thalassemic. See how I sacrifice my dislikes for my baby? My mother sacrifices more for me.

Although I always disagree with her, I learn that is because my mother and I are alike. You know, the same magnetic pole don't agree with each other. But always, I listen to her. My mother is a one tough woman. She is so strong that it is hard to see her cry. I don't have to go far to find a woman who is successful in her career and at the same time raising her children so well and be dutiful to her old mother. She is my idol.

One thing I learn from my mother is to sacrifice for ones we love.

I love you Mama. Happy Mother's Day.

And happy mother's day to my mother-in-law and both my sisters-in-law :)

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

20 February 2014

Frozen 2013

Everyone talked about this movie earlier this year, especially the mommies.

At first, I don't have any interest with the movie due to its simple title, until every young girls in town started to celebrate their birthday party with Frozen theme, it caught my attention. I have to check the movie out, I said to myself. I opened You Tube and listened to the Frozen theme song "Let It Go". Okay, I like the song very much so I should watch the movie.

There I went...

Because I like the movie so much, I watched it twice :)

Frozen is different from other fairy tales story like Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, etc. It is not about true love story with your soulmate, instead, it is about true love act between siblings.

Queen Elsa, the older sister of Princess Anna has been avoiding herself from the public due to her icy power.

During her Coronation Day, her power is revealed to public by accident and have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter. She runs to the mountain and Anna together with Kristoff try to find her. When Anna tries to consult her sister to comeback to their kingdom, Elsa accidentally strikes Anna with her power. There is only one way to save Anna - an act of true love.

I should not spoilt the ending as you must watch it hehe trust me this is one good movie to watch.
Unless, you are someone who never enjoy watching Disney Princess movies, then, I don't suggest.

Lesson learn from the movie - an act of true love is sacrifice. It does not matter what happen to you as long as the one you love is happy and safe. And, true love between siblings is more powerful because they are related and connected by blood. So, you should not abandoned your family for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

30 January 2014

Casa Fina Fine Homes, Langkawi

Being me, I like to do things last minute *bad habit*

Our trip to Langkawi was a last minute plan.

We plan to rides ferry to the island, so we skipped the process of purchasing flight ticket. I was so excited with the ferry rides. Mama said I used to rode ferry when I was a little kid, but I couldn't remember the experience. I must've been so little like baby that I don't save the memory. Well, the ferry rides wasn't as exciting as I imagined, I got dizzy, tehee.

The only task before the trip was to find place to stay. We decided to stay at Pantai Cenang. 2 weeks prior to the vacation date - room rates were ridiciliously expensive.

Alhamdulillah, Allah save us, we found a good place to stay.

It's a cabin style room that have verandas with table and chair outside the room that is facing the garden. The room is cosy too and is well equip with the basic essentials.
You can try to check this place out if you plan to stay near Pantai Cenang with budget less than RM200.
Lot 53, Persiaran Pantai Cenang,
Mukim Kedawang, Pantai Cenang,
Langkawi, Malaysia 07000

23 January 2014

Langkawi the Jewel of Kedah

I don't remember when was the last time I step foot on this duty free island, but the only thing I remember about the island is the eagle monument. You wouldn't believe that the only reason I love the island so much simply because my favourite bird is eagle hehe

Alhamdulillah, after years, I have the chance to re-visit the island again.

To share with you what were the activities during the short getaway,

1) Visit the Chenang beach

2) Having Laksa Power near the airport

3) Watching 6D Motion Adventure in Chenang Beach street

4) Having seafood dinner at Chenang beach

5) Island hopping - we went to Dayang Bunting Island and Lake, watch the eagle feeding at Singa Besar Island and resting at Beras Basah Island

6) Visit Underwater World

7) Visit Dataran Lang

8) Having dinner at Wan Thai restaurant in Pekan Kuah - I love this new dish called Keng Som

9) Shopping at The Zon and Idaman Suri

So, a new fact that I learn about Langkawi is it is larger than Singapore.

To tell you the truth, I haven't finish explore the island. I wish to come back again next year to ride the cable car, visit the skybridge, swims at Telaga Tujuh waterfall, etc,.

There are so many things to do in Langkawi and there are still a lot for me to look forward to.

Till then.

01 January 2014

twenty fourteen

Bismillah :)

I know it's kind of annoying, to see me keeps coming back and go again and coming back again  *sigh* To be honest, I only write a blog post when I feel melancholy and if the sadness gets out of control, I will stop writing and close my blog. Well, that was me. I need some space to get my emotions in control again.

But this time around, I don't feel melancholy. Alhamdulillah. I thanked Allah for everything that had happened to me in the past that taught me to be a better me, InshaAllah.

Looking back on twenty thirteen, I thought I listed a long list on what to achieve, apparently, I did not *sigh*

Well, it's okay, as I grow older *yes, I'm aging, are you not?* I realized my focus starts to change. I lived in a temporary world called Dun'ya. I start to realize that nothing I want to achieve in this dun'ya. Not that I give up with this Dun'ya. It just, Allah opens my heart to see that the opposite of temporary world is a forever hereafter and that is Akhirah.

Now, the new me, for twenty fourteen, I choose Akhirah over Dun'ya :)