31 July 2012

This is so painstaking ~

Maybe one day..

When the heart can no longer bear the pain..

-Love Emy-

29 July 2012

It was a mistake & I regret

I never thought after living a 25 years of my life I would be regret with a decision that I made ...

Before , I never regret anything that has happened to me in my life , whether it is making a bad choice , deciding to do something I should not have , saying the wrong thing or not doing something I should have done ... because all of these things have given me the knowledge I have today and helped make me who I am today ...

Now , that one decision has changed everything that I was ...

I am no longer happy ..

-Love Emy-

27 July 2012

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Semoga masih tak terlambat untuk ucap Salam Ramadhan,

Ini hari pertama berpuasa buat saya di bulan Ramadhan tahun ini ツ

Nota untuk diri: Selamat qada' puasa 6 hari

Selamat berpuasa untuk semua & maafkan salah silap saya dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki .

Semoga Allah memberi petunjuk yang baik untuk diri di bulan yang mulia ini . InsyaAllah .

-Love Emy-

Am I not allowed to get jealous ?

I posted this quote on my FB wall before.

Now I want to paste it again in my blog.

Just take note:

When girls stop to care they stop to love ~

How do you feel when I stop to care *question mark*

-Love Emy-

25 July 2012

The lazy song ~

I've been lying in my bed ever since this morning .

I went to kitchen in the afternoon just to fill my empty stomach with foods *sigh*

I wonder if tomorrow I will be more productive .?

If not more at least *abit* .

Good night all ~

-Love Emy-

Hello once again ~


This is not my first entry , nor be the last.

Let's welcome me :)

I am back...

Finally ~

-Love Emy-