13 January 2016

What Whatsapp Web

I was working at my desk when my colleague, Yasmin called me and show me her desktop telling me my son's picture looks nice. The lighting, the vibrant colors, the angle and the shot, unfortunately, my son's pose spoils it. He seems like being forced.

I explained to her that, that is the only decent picture of him that we managed to captured on the grass because he kept moving to play with the leaves. Then I continue look at my laptop screen when I realized, "eh, how come my son's picture is on your desktop?"

Hahaha, she then told me about Whatsapp Web. I heard of it before but I never really bother. Now that I knew I can use whatsapp from my laptop, I think it's easier for me to reply messages. I don't have to keep checking my phone and I hate typing on a touch screen *missing blackberry*

Since I'm on a Whatsapp web, I think people can seen me online like 24/7 during working hours. Don't get me wrong eh. You know why now.

Here is Ruhul's picture on the grass.

My dear son.

Join me and open your whatsapp on web now, tehee -> https://web.whatsapp.com/

Till then, bye.

06 January 2016

The Chains Board

The best travel souvenir for me definitely is keychain. I don't like fridge magnet because I don't have fridge. I'm okay with bookmark though. Postcard? They get seasoned overtime.

I used to hung all my keychains on my cubicle wall and one day, I removed it all because it made my wall and desk look so messy. I want to be minimalist y' know *rolls eyes*.

Personally, I love them all because each, has a sentimental value to me, like, the person who gave it to me-though, honestly some of it I forgot who gave *sigh*, the country they went to-inspires me to visit them.

I told my colleagues that I love my keychains and I want to hang them to show off, bahaha, but I hate the fact it makes my desk look messy. In 2016 I want to be organized, remember? Izati then suggested that I should hang them on a memo board.

Seriously, I bought the idea, haha. During New Year's weekend I went to the nearest Daiso which is in OU and I got myself a memo board to hang all the keychains.

And, this is how it looks,

I don't hang all my keychains and only put the nicest one due to the small size of the board. I still have some space for keychains from Japan that husband bought for me during his trip to almost all the cities in Tokyo *envy*.
The memo board is quite small (30x40 cm). I should go and see the one at Ikea if they have a bigger size.

Till then, bye.

02 January 2016

52 week money challenge

Thanks to Izyan Darlina on her post that I've decided to try this money challenge this year.

Last year, I did do money challenge by taking out every RM5 in my purse and put it in a box. It went well but after some time, I realized that I didn't take out money from my purse anymore because I didn't have any green color note in my purse. Well, people who knows me, know that I prefer do online banking on anything and if there is a need to use cash, only I will withdraw my money. I'm cashless and I'm not paranoid if I'm being pickpocket because I don't have money hahahhh.

Anyway, since this money challenge only requires me to take out money once every week, I think, this should be doable.

But, instead of starting up with RM1 in Week 1, I decided to start with RM52 in week 1. Why? Cos in January I'm still "rich" from my 13 month salary haha. And instead of keeping it in a jar, I will transfer it every Friday to my TH account :)

Remind me to share the result after 52 weeks eh ;)

BTW, get your 52 week money challenge printable here if you wish to start with RM52.

I paste mine on my cubicle wall =)

Till then.

01 January 2016

Starting 2016

I woke up at 12 am something because of the noisy fireworks, yes, that was how I celebrate my new year, hehhhh. *pathetic*

Ruhul is an early sleeper and he usually goes to bed early like 9 pm, and, I usually will just join him and we both end up sleep together.

Happy New Year from Ruhul Qudus.

The previous post about my planner and how I can't wait to use it, I really mean it y' know, cause now is only the 1st of January but my dear planner is already full with my January plan. Husband still smirks at me everytime I tried to show him my planner and its contains. Bahahaa what an annoying wife.

2015 was a blessed year, of course there were ups and downs, but still a blessed year for me. Sadly, I didn't have any 2015 resolution to ponder.

For 2016, I've listed all that I want to do and achieve in my planner. If anyone wants to know what are my goals, you have to go and steal my planner ;)

Basically, I have goals for all these items:

1) Financial Goals - Everyone predicts 2016 economic will be very bad. I'm preparing myself for the bad. Maybe I will share some tips on some financial experience I had-like education insurance for your kid?

2) Health Goals - I'm not getting any younger, so does everyone. I have to do something about my health. Of course I will start slow, like real slow, but am getting there :)

3) Career Goals - Everyone needs motivation to wake up early every weekday's mornings, I just have to come out with something.

4) Family Goals

Mostly, all my goals are related to the items above. Shocking that I don't have any personal goal. Read books? It's not a goal anymore, it's a hobby that I'll do it when Ruhul doesn't want me to play with him huhu. Travel/trip? That goes under family goals. Self-time? I don't need that yet. I'm so into Ruhul that whatever I do or whenever I go, I still want him to be around. I don't want to miss the chance seeing him grow up *tears*

Anyway, I hope I can do well in 2016 and achieve all the above so I can cross them out from my planner and irritate husband some more tehehe. I wish everyone all the best in 2016 too.

Till then.