31 August 2012

my silence

do not mistake my silence with ignorance..

it only means,

i need more time and space of my own,,

to figure things out..

-Love Emy-

Happy Independence Day Malaysia !

Happy 55th birthday Malaysia :)

I've read in some random forum sites criticize Malaysia for being weak and timid in getting our liberty when we were colonized by British and others.

Those countries who condemned us, don't have to be specifically which country, but generally those who are envious toward our achievement so far,, actually do not understand the connotation behind our method in getting freedom.

For not being biased, let's categorized people in few categories,

1) those with brains, 2) those with strengths, and 3) those without anything

In any competition, we will use either our brain or our strength to win,, same concept how Malaysia get its independence..

We don't fight in a war doesn't mean we are a weak nation, it only shows we are an intelligent nation in contending our liberty..

Being intelligent is greater than being strong.

How did Singapore achieve its independency? *google google*  Without having to be involved in a war, Singapore proved to be the most developed country in SouthEast Asia, and Malaysia we are still developing but, we ranked number 2.

How did other countries in Southeast Asia get its freedom.? And, Thailand has never been colonized.. Where are they now? *google google*

At least the most poorest family in Malaysia is not as poor as compare to those from third world countries.We don't have to knock on someone's car window to sell tissue.Pursuing study isn't a big problem. Getting a job is quite difficult, but opportunity can be gained. Then, be grateful :)

Proud Malaysian *leaving the political issues behind.

P/S: My historical study is limited to Southeast Asia :p

Q: they say malaysia came from indonesia but why we gained our independence from british? *heeeee*

-Love Emy-

30 August 2012


No need to do anything .


Lay down and cuddling..

-Love Emy-

27 August 2012

The arguement

occurred when,
mutual misunderstanding after the fact,

sensitivity build a prison in the final act,

we lose direction,

no stone unturned,.

-Love Emy-

25 August 2012

i love you

those three words ,

are said too much ,

they're not enough ..

-Love Emy-

24 August 2012

Salam Syawal

Selamat menyambut hari raya Aidilfitri buat semua Muslimin & Muslimat,

Mohon maaf zahir & batin,


Semoga amalan kita di Ramadhan yang lalu diterima Allah dan ibadah kita dikekalkan, Aminnn..

-Love Emy-

17 August 2012


I was a little girl alone in my little world

who dreamed of a little home for me

I played pretend between the trees

and fed my houseguests bark and leaves

and laughed in my pretty bed of green

I had a dream

That I could fly from the highest swing

I had a dream

Long walks in the dark

through woods grown behind the park

I asked God who I'm supposed to be

The stars smiled down on me

God answered in silent reverie

I said a prayer and fell asleep

I had a dream

That I could fly from the highest tree

I had a dream

Now I'm old and feeling grey

I don't know what's left to say

about this life I'm willing to leave

I lived it full and I lived it well

there's many tales I've lived to tell

I'm ready now, I'm ready now

I'm ready now to fly from the highest wing

I had a dream

14 August 2012

The wall

I'm building a wall,.

to prevent myself from getting hurt..

again.. :'(

-Love Emy-

13 August 2012

Life is not fair

because if it is,

we do not need Allah.

The unfairness let us pray hard to Him.

May He answer our prayer.

-Love Emy-

11 August 2012

Jakarta ~ from my eyes...

I've been to the second and third largest cities in Indonesia but haven't step my foot on Indonesia's largest city - Jakarta ,until recently. Being born and raised in the suburb area where Petaling Jaya, Damansara and Kuala Lumpur are just nearby ,I don't find Surabaya and Medan is a place to live - for me .So, my trip to Jakarta recently, I didn't put much expectation on how the view , surrounding and the environment will be - as I always hear people say - Jakarta are very hectic , haze and maceettt everywhere, and having an impression on how Surabaya and Medan look like ,I have doubt on its differences when someone tried to promote Jakarta ;),.

13th July - I took an early flight from KUL to CGK.
Since I saw many pictures from my friends who took photos at Sukarno-Hatta International Airport, I knew I won't see anything like I saw in Bandung or Medan's airport. I forgot which terminal we landed, was it Terminal 2 or 3 .? For an Airasia flight.? But the airport reminded me of Budget Terminal in Singapore *actually I don't know what is the similarity between these two airports*  Maybe I was greeted by almost the same way when I arrived . :). The view at the outside of the airport is so spacious that I don't see any maceett environment ?Well, my impression changed a bit, because I thought I will see something that is almost similar to Surabaya's airport, but, no, all you can see is a clean traffic despite the so many people saying hello and goodbye..

While on the highway, I tried to enjoy the view and scenary, simply because I want to compare Jakarta and Malaysia wt*.. haha,.. Indonesian who has been to Malaysia have to admit that Malaysia's highway is still better, right.? I don't remember if there are any 3 lanes highway, maybe yes, but the toll booth only has lanes for cash and 'Touch & Go' like. They don't come up with something like 'Smart Tag' yet.. The toll exit name is so long that I hardly remember which exit I ever took :b  but I remember there is one toll exit called Professor *dunnowhat*.. hehe..

While heading to the city, I started to see buildings, tall buildings and more buildings. There was one time on the road I felt like I'm at Jalan Ipoh, KL and I started to feel the KL's vibes. Honestly, I can't wait to see macet's scene in Jakarta *abnormal* because I heard a lotttt about it, how irritating it is to be stucked for hours.. And finally, on day 2 in Jakarta, I got to experienced the maceett, while sleeping, hahaha,. We were on our way to Tanah Abang and I was so sleepy , so I slept ,and when I woke up the Supir said we can't go to Tanah Abang because the jam was deathly serious he hardly enter the market.. Okayyy, I missed the moment stucked in jam for hours.. Supiirr was Bian.. hehe.. Poor Bian only Mama accompany him while he was driving..

The nightlife in Jakarta is different from KL..Okay, I can't compare much because I only stayed there for 2 nights, but what I can say is Malaysian can hangout until 2-3 am at Mamak while chatting or watching movies or football, which make sense if you're coming late home, but in Jakarta, I don't find any place to hangout until 2-3 am.. *I don't compare night clubs activity*  I should explore more on the nightlife activities, exclude clubbing~.. Oh ya, I remember on the first night we stopped at Seven Eleven to find something,and guess what?the teenagers were hangout at the Seven Eleven.!! Of course, don't imagine their Seven Eleven is like ours, haha, because their Seven Eleven is more bigger and more wide range of food choices, and there are tables for hangout.. Hmm, the event is similar to teenagers in Malaysia hangout at the McDonalds doing homework or assignment..

And so, everything that changed my point of view towards Jakarta cannot beat this one reason - The Mall - I just love the fact that Jakarta has a lot of shopping malls. It reminded me of home and more ツ We went to Grand Indonesia and to me it's almost like Pavilion. I don't remember walked across any Gucci, Prada, Channel boutique, but, they have Magnum Café. How cool is that.? The ambient of their foodcourt is nicer, oh, maybe almost similar to the Pavilion. To my surprise, Malaysia's cinema lobby isn't anything like their cinema lobby, it was spacious and looks high end, or maybe we can compare The Signature@The Garden with theirs.. And the normal cinema hall is larger than our Hall 1 and Hall 2.. Oh, I started to love Jakarta ◕‿◕

Well,, from my 3 days 2 nights experienced,, I can say that,, I can survive in Jakarta. .❀‿❀..

 I will be back~~!

-Love Emy-

10 August 2012

He loves me ?

He loves me not ?

Well, he loves me , he loves you not .

-Love Emy-

08 August 2012

No tears

To damn you,

When jealousy burns.

-Love Emy-

Dear YOU

Be my Imaam for my prayers.

Be my Qari and read the Quran for me.

Be the one who leads me to Allah.

That's all I'm asking for.

-Love Emy-

07 August 2012

Doa yang benar

Good morning dearest ~

I came across someone's blog with the article "Doa yang benar".

The article was not preached on how to recite a correct du'a, nor stating if there is any du'a that we recite everyday is wrong.


Du'a is my weapon and still is.

In my whole life I always believe in my du'a and I will always make du'a for what I want, so, I always get what I want. Be it having good friends, good education, good career, good life and so on.

Because I know what I want, I only pray for what I want and always thought what I want is the best for me.

Sadly, it does not work that way..

That explains why I am not happy with what have been decided for me..

The article tells that human beings tend to request good things according to their parameter. But do we ponder if the good things bring goodness to us? It may seems good to us for now, but will it still be good to us for later?

Therefore, instead of praying for what we want it is better to pray for what is good for us.

Have faith in Allah's parameter in deciding what is best for us because His knowledge is beyond.


" Mintalah yg terbaik utk dirimu dlm do'a mu & bertawakal, tidak usah kecewa bila hasilnya tdk sesuai dgn harapanmu krn sesungguhnya itu merupakan parameter dr seorang manusia, Bukan apa2 dibanding penilaian Allah swt "


And for the first time I am about to leave my decision to Allah to help me decides. I concede that I always perform Salah Hajat to achieve what I want, now, I want to make it the other way around. I will perform Salah Isthikara to make sure what I want is the best for me then only I will perform Salah Hajat to achieve what I believe is good for me after Allah's approval.

Does this article change your point of view on how should we achieve what we want?

-Love Emy-

06 August 2012

Monday ? But it is okay !

First Monday falls on 2nd week of August.
I have determined to come early to work starting August ! Especially on Monday ? Why ? Because I need to avoid super heavy traffic congestion that happen especially on mundane Monday morning ツ

Vivacious ٩(^‿^)۶

P/s: If I fail, then I'll start over in next Monday of September ..

P/s/s: Since today is a public holiday for Selangor, I guess, I need to postponed my determination ? *sigh*

-Love Emy-

05 August 2012

Love is

Tom & Jerry

You just can't live without each other ♥

-Love Emy-

03 August 2012


Am I ?

If you think I am,

So turn it up,

Take me down,
From the wall,
It doesn't matter,

Because you get want you want after all,.

-Love Emy-

The Mask

I find it easy to wear ,

To hide the pain and to lighten up everyone's day (°⌣°)

-Love Emy-

02 August 2012

The famous Coconut Shake

Klebang, Melaka - Last weekend I went to Melaka with MY babes for site recce. We went to two hotels for surveying for our teambuilding event this year. We settled everything around 5 pm and decided to straight headed to find place for Iftar. Izati suggested having seafood at Klebang, but I was craving for Assam Pedas Melaka. Since I do not know where is the best place to eat Assam Pedas in Melaka, I let Izati lead us to Klebang. On our way to Klebang, Izati kept telling us about the most famous Coconut Shake in Klebang. I am not a fan of any milkshake drinks, except chocolate milkshake,, *suddenly craving*  but Izati managed to influenced all of us to try it. Us - includes Maya's hubby - Hafiz..

The stall located merely by the roadside along Jalan Klebang Besar next to the Caltex station. By far we can see people queuing to buy the Coconut Shake and all of sudden I felt excited and asked Hafiz to stop the car and join the people queuing,, haha,, actually I was scared they ran out of coconuts LOL. Maya reminded us that we still have not perform our Solah, oh ya, luckily there is a mosque nearby. From the mosque we were having difficulties to make a U-turn back to the stall, thus, we kept teasing Izati on her craved for the drink.

At the stall we have to queue for about 10 minutes or less. While queuing I observed the way they made the drink. Inside the blender that is full of ice cubes they put the coconut meat, pour the coconut water and scoop the Wall's vanilla ice cream. Funny they did not blend all the ingredients straightaway but pour it all into a mixer. I am guessing they just want to make sure all ingredients are adequate before blending it in a more large mixer.

And so, taraaaa,

The most famous Coconut Shake in Kelebang, Melaka with only RM2.20 シ

The coconut shake was refreshing and I liked to chew the coconut meat, unfortunately, the ice cream spoilt me -__-" I don't think I have to tell what happen to me later that night, but anything that is milky and creamy is not suitable for me for breakfasting.

-Love Emy-

01 August 2012

Trust no one ~

Sadly, I have lost my trust in everyone surrounds me.

As awful as it sounds, I now realized people are not dependable.

The only person you can depend on is yourself.

Keep everything inside.

They do not need to know.

-Love Emy-