01 January 2018

Saying Goodbye to 2017, Welcoming 2018

Out of 7 things that I listed out as things to achieve in 2017, I only managed to achieve 3 of them. My excuse on this simply because all my wishes cost so much money and I only spend more than I earn *sigh*

I ran my best nine photos and what appear are all the good things happened to me in 2017.

I took an exam and passed it. I went to the Austin to attend my company's largest event. I presented a technical demo on stage in front of more than hundred attendees. I met new colleagues from various countries. Finally, I graduated as a sales engineer 😎

I went to 1 new country and 2 new cities. I re-visited 1 city that I have been when I was a kid.

I can feel that last year was a year where I focus more on my career to develop myself in my new role. I left Ruhul to travel for work more than I usually do. I did make up to him by bringing him outing as much as I can. I bought Thomas cake for his birthday. I brought him to Thomas town. I took him to holiday every quarter, except in quarter 2 cos I was away to US and when we are back it was already fasting month and Hari Raya.

I traveled to US with husband and it was okay. We did argue on stuff like where to go and when, what to eat and whether or not it Halal-cos I'm quite particular. But I guess all that make us more patience ? to withstand each other for the next 50 years 😑

My girlfriends came to my office area to treat me birthday lunch and I managed to organize 1 night sleepover with them. I wish I can do the same with my other group of girlfriends-well, that's on my 2018 goal 😊


For 2018, I had my goals written on my planner already.
Beside what was written on my planner, I also wish that hopefully our world become a safer place to live, so that my family and I can visit each and every city in the world.

Till then, wish everyone the happiest year ahead !

13 January 2016

What Whatsapp Web

I was working at my desk when my colleague, Yasmin called me and show me her desktop telling me my son's picture looks nice. The lighting, the vibrant colors, the angle and the shot, unfortunately, my son's pose spoils it. He seems like being forced.

I explained to her that, that is the only decent picture of him that we managed to captured on the grass because he kept moving to play with the leaves. Then I continue look at my laptop screen when I realized, "eh, how come my son's picture is on your desktop?"

Hahaha, she then told me about Whatsapp Web. I heard of it before but I never really bother. Now that I knew I can use whatsapp from my laptop, I think it's easier for me to reply messages. I don't have to keep checking my phone and I hate typing on a touch screen *missing blackberry*

Since I'm on a Whatsapp web, I think people can seen me online like 24/7 during working hours. Don't get me wrong eh. You know why now.

Here is Ruhul's picture on the grass.

My dear son.

Join me and open your whatsapp on web now, tehee -> https://web.whatsapp.com/

Till then, bye.

06 January 2016

The Chains Board

The best travel souvenir for me definitely is keychain. I don't like fridge magnet because I don't have fridge. I'm okay with bookmark though. Postcard? They get seasoned overtime.

I used to hung all my keychains on my cubicle wall and one day, I removed it all because it made my wall and desk look so messy. I want to be minimalist y' know *rolls eyes*.

Personally, I love them all because each, has a sentimental value to me, like, the person who gave it to me-though, honestly some of it I forgot who gave *sigh*, the country they went to-inspires me to visit them.

I told my colleagues that I love my keychains and I want to hang them to show off, bahaha, but I hate the fact it makes my desk look messy. In 2016 I want to be organized, remember? Izati then suggested that I should hang them on a memo board.

Seriously, I bought the idea, haha. During New Year's weekend I went to the nearest Daiso which is in OU and I got myself a memo board to hang all the keychains.

And, this is how it looks,

I don't hang all my keychains and only put the nicest one due to the small size of the board. I still have some space for keychains from Japan that husband bought for me during his trip to almost all the cities in Tokyo *envy*.
The memo board is quite small (30x40 cm). I should go and see the one at Ikea if they have a bigger size.

Till then, bye.