28 June 2014

Ramadhan Mubarak

30 days ago, I shared how many of us still have not yet prepare for Ramadhan (entry: my Ramadhan goal). Hopefully, by Maghrib, everyone has already have a list of what to achieve this Ramadhan :)
This entry is specially dedicated to those who knew me and if I ever hurt any one of you, I am so sorry.
It will be useless to strive for Allah but our heart is still darken by a grudge. I admit, I still hold grudges against people who especially hurts me, but slowly, I try to let it go. I try to always remember that no one will enter Jannah until they forgive.
Wishing everyone, Happy Ramadhan and have a blessed one ! Don't waste it with sins, cos you never know this might be your last Ramadhan.
Salaam, emy.

27 June 2014

haze o haze

It has been a week since I received my tetanus injection (entry: Pregnancy: Tetanus injection) and it has been almost a week I had my fever. I thought the injection cause the fever, apparently not really, I'm actually lacking of water. The weather is so warm and hazy lately and cause my eyes to teary, cough and flu.

I went to see a doctor and she gaves me a lot of medicines which, I'm afraid to consume. I scared it will affect my baby but the doctor says no, but who knows. I never like to eat pills, I usually let myself recover naturally.

But last night I was coughing like non-stop and husband could not sleep. He ask me to drink the cough syrup, well, it healed me that night. Alhamdulillah, I'm a bit better today.

Anyway, I hope people out there take care of your health. It's not cool to celebrate Ramadhan by being sick teheee. It's hazy so stay indoor, drink plenty of water and turn on your aircond. This message brought to you by lovely emy.

Till then, bye :)

23 June 2014

Pregnancy: 4D scan at Putra Medical Centre

Note: As much as I want to share my baby photo, I have to suppress the action until I deliver my baby. InsyaAllah, if Allah's will, I will update this post and upload the 4D scan of my baby :)

I don't really do any survey of where to do my detailed ultrasound - 4D scan - and how much does it cost. I've been doing my check up at PMC Sungai Buloh since my 6 or 7 week of pregnancy, so I just ask my obstetrician, Dr. Ratna if PMC offer the service and yes, they do.

If you are a mom-to-be and is doing a survey on 4D scan, here are some info that I thought might be useful to you :)

The best time to do 4D scan is when your baby is at 22-30 week. You are not suggested to do it earlier or later than that because it's either your baby is not well developed yet or your baby is already too big thus make it impossible to do the detailed scanning. Dr. Ratna suggest that I go when my baby is at 22 week but the person who is supposed to do the scanning keep posponing my appointment, so I did my 4D scan when I was at 25 week of pregnancy.

I asked my friends and colleagues who are now a mother if they did 4D scan and how much does it cost, apparently the price range is between RM100-200. As for me, PMC charged me RM145 which includes consultation during the scan - you can ask whatever you want to ask about your baby, they do 2D & 4D scans so that they can explain in details of your baby development, they allow you to hear the baby's heartbeat - I know in government clinic they do this everytime you do check up right, nothing special. Also - mine comes with a CD which includes pictures and videos during the scan process.

I know you wish you could spend all your time with your unborn baby by looking and hearing the heartbeat through the ultrasound machine, but I'm afraid the OB (obstetrician) won't be able to entertain you *sorry* My session took around 20-30 minutes or less but it was a good 20-30 minutes spent as we had all the information we need.

Many of my friends did not do 4D scan because they felt that they can't really see the image. Yes, I agree, if the OB did not tell me which part is which, I wouldn't know which is the eyes, nose, ears, etc. But, to be able to see the shape of my baby's nose which is sharp like my Ayah and not big like my Mama :p is fun and to know that my baby is normal and nothing should fear me is a great feeling. Alhamdulillah. Oh oh, I also got to see that my baby had a sulky mouth when he sleeps. We are not sure who he follows though cos husband always smile when he sleeps like a sleeping beauty tskkkkk while I, husband never notice how I look like when I sleep *sigh.

Hopefully all the information are sufficient for mom-to-be out there :)

Thank you Allah for this gift.
Which of your favour that I deny? None.

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.