27 April 2012

Solemnization: Aimi & Afifi

I love wedding :) Especially my own wedding and that was why I organized my wedding myself (all details are my idea and if anyone try to give their thought, I'd make sure I approve it first). Let's walk through my wedding details start with my solemnization stories :)

The date has been chosen and my solemnization was on my birthday date (27 April 2012).
The theme was all white wedding solemnization.

Location: home sweet home

Pardon the handwriting.
I do almost everything myself and that time I was rushing for other thing. I should have ask one of my beautiful girlfriends to help me write that tskkkkk.

We(I) decided to do the Akad Nikah ceremony at home instead of Masjeed or musolla. Why? I don't want to trouble myself or others to have to walk back home after the ceremony to proceed with the dinner.

The Room

If I were to housekeeping my room like everyday is my wedding day, Mama sure is proud of me *sigh.

It is typical for Malay to decorate their room on their wedding day. Though these days not many aunty(ies) will visit the bride's room, but still, I need to deco the room so that my beautiful girlfriends are comfortable while accompanying me in my room and the photographer, he can take his photo from any angle without having me feeling ashamed having a messy room *sigh.

The Dress, Hijab & Shoes

I love my solemnization dress so much. I love the simplicity of the design. I hired my good friend from high school #bynatashamazalan (InstaGram) and put my trust on her to design my attires (veil & dress) without having me giving any inputs on how it should turn out. Well, I wasn't  fussy at all and Tasha kept asking me if I want to add anything on my dress, but no, I didn't want to add anything on it and I was all satisfied with her work. As for the hijab - I choosed Inner Maysaa type that I purchased online from Shawl Couture because I know right after the Akad Nikah, the groom will need to kiss my forehead, so I should choose something that is stick to my forehead so it won't ruin my hijab. Shoes - my bestfriend, Nadia gave me her shoes for free, it was pretty and match the dress very well. I love the combo :)

Make Up
I love natural look. My eyes, cheeks and lips are not overly colored.
Sorry, that was not my sincere smile because the bride had so much to think about and husband says, it was easy for me because my dimples help me a lot *sigh.

I contacted my makeup artist for solemnization quite a last minute. I was still doing survey on who to do my makeup a month before my solemnization day, but I've already booked my makeup artist for reception like 6 month before *sigh. I want to look pretty but don't want to spend so much money on the makeup because the event will only last like for 3-4 hours *such a cheapskate* Alhamdulillah, I managed to find Ms. Suzana from Ayra Qreatif Wedding Gallery. She did a wonderful job despite she was actually having a contraction (yes, she was pregnant) right after she did my makeup. I was a lucky bride :)


I hired the same person, Ms. Sitiey from Fattiey Henna Artist who did my henna during my engagement. I want a very simple design (because I don't want to feel 'geli' looking at my own hand hehheh) and she did a great job with that. The only thing that turn me off was I wasn't satisfied with the ceasing henna color that almost gone after a day *sigh. So, I have a bad henna day during my reception event.

The Handbouquet

It's a white roses with white and pink carnations.

Initially I wanted to hire the same person who did my handbouquet for my engagement and reception events. But the vendor who did my Pelamin gave me a wedding handbouquet as a complimentary gift. Alhamdulillah, it saves me my money. I love the flowers though I didn't get to choose what type of flowers I want. The pastel colors of the flowers matched my dress :)

The Hantaran: from her & from him

from her
from him

The hantaran supposed to be 7 (my side) against 5 (his side) but due to miscommunication we ended up giving 7 against 7 *sigh. I gave husband - sieh junjung (the photoghrapher didn't snap the picture), fondant cake, watch, chocolate in a shape of a mosque, shoes, PS3 and Al-Quran with its stand.

While husband gaves me, flowers which he put my bracelet, sireh junjung, hantaran cheque, handbag, BB handphone, sajadah and prayer wear and fruits.

I did my hantaran using fresh flowers and was done by Kak Zai from Petals2U Florist. While husband, he gets help from his mother's friend.


The pillow was for the bride and groom to sit on during the akad.

I want a very simple white color pelamin. I only want a fairy light as backdrop. So I hired Azmah Ahmad Wedding Deco & Events to do my pelamin. They setup my pelamin a day before the event and I watch them do all the job and I was satisfied at how it turn out. They also gave me a cleopatra chair for us to sit after the akad event for taking picture session.

Bridesmaid Dress

My sister so creative that she did the hijab and they were nicely done.

My sister and her good friend became my bridesmaid that night. They sat next to me during the akad ceremony. At least it helped me felt less nervous. I bought their dress online. Sorry I couldn't trace the website where I purchased their dress.


The photographer didn't snap the doorgift photo, but I handed out a Yassin book with our name on it.

Catering, Canopy & Centerpiece

The table clothes didn't match the theme color and they never put any scallop *sigh.
Despite the sadness, I was happy that I had all my best girls came :)
I bought a glass jar from Thai's shop filled with light candle and put it on a mirror and put some roses petals.

I was supposed to hired a vendor who provided transparent canopy with fairy light for my wedding canopy, but the vendor didn't turn up. Ayah had to, last minute called his friend to setup a very simple ugly canopy, while I, have to redho. The catering was by Ayah's friend too. I didn't eat that night so I wasn't sure if it was good. The centerpiece was my idea and I thanked my brother who help me set it up.

Candy Buffet

I didn't do the label make it look so simple, anyone who wants to eat can just grab.

I didn't put much attention on what to put on my candy buffet, not like the last time I had candy buffet for my engagement event. I only put mini cupcakes, mini polkadot apam, cakes and few other kueh from aunt(ies).

Groom's wear

Husband was forced to wear henna hehhh.

We bought the material from Jakel together and later his mother sent to tailor. It was quite an expensive material which I forgot what type it was. But the color hardly turn yellowish. It 's a great money value because he can still wear it for next Raya.

Alhamdulillah, I married the guy I love 10 years ago and when we fall out of love, we learn to love again.

Till then, love, emy.

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