31 December 2012

End of twenty twelve


It's finally end of 2012.

I tried to look back and see what have I achieved throughout the year and apparently, I never set any resolution for twenty twelve -____-" Hardly say if I have accomplished anything this year... :'(

Anyway, let's list out all my interests and see if there is/are any difference(s) compare to last time..

1) Reading - I started to read book in 2011. I only managed to finish 1 book back then, and this year, I managed to finish reading 3 books. It's an improvement right.. ;')

2) Traveling - I always wanted to visit at least 1 new country/place every year, and this year, I got the chance to travel to Jakarta for the first time and I love the city :)

3) K-Pop - I never thought that I would ever like K-Pop until this year *faint* Thanks to I don't know who taught me how to watch RunningMan, now, I can recognize most of K-Pop artist liao...

Ok, that's all... That's only it....?!

I'll list down all my resolution in next entry.


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