13 January 2016

What Whatsapp Web

I was working at my desk when my colleague, Yasmin called me and show me her desktop telling me my son's picture looks nice. The lighting, the vibrant colors, the angle and the shot, unfortunately, my son's pose spoils it. He seems like being forced.

I explained to her that, that is the only decent picture of him that we managed to captured on the grass because he kept moving to play with the leaves. Then I continue look at my laptop screen when I realized, "eh, how come my son's picture is on your desktop?"

Hahaha, she then told me about Whatsapp Web. I heard of it before but I never really bother. Now that I knew I can use whatsapp from my laptop, I think it's easier for me to reply messages. I don't have to keep checking my phone and I hate typing on a touch screen *missing blackberry*

Since I'm on a Whatsapp web, I think people can seen me online like 24/7 during working hours. Don't get me wrong eh. You know why now.

Here is Ruhul's picture on the grass.

My dear son.

Join me and open your whatsapp on web now, tehee -> https://web.whatsapp.com/

Till then, bye.

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