01 January 2018

Saying Goodbye to 2017, Welcoming 2018

Out of 7 things that I listed out as things to achieve in 2017, I only managed to achieve 3 of them. My excuse on this simply because all my wishes cost so much money and I only spend more than I earn *sigh*

I ran my best nine photos and what appear are all the good things happened to me in 2017.

I took an exam and passed it. I went to the Austin to attend my company's largest event. I presented a technical demo on stage in front of more than hundred attendees. I met new colleagues from various countries. Finally, I graduated as a sales engineer 😎

I went to 1 new country and 2 new cities. I re-visited 1 city that I have been when I was a kid.

I can feel that last year was a year where I focus more on my career to develop myself in my new role. I left Ruhul to travel for work more than I usually do. I did make up to him by bringing him outing as much as I can. I bought Thomas cake for his birthday. I brought him to Thomas town. I took him to holiday every quarter, except in quarter 2 cos I was away to US and when we are back it was already fasting month and Hari Raya.

I traveled to US with husband and it was okay. We did argue on stuff like where to go and when, what to eat and whether or not it Halal-cos I'm quite particular. But I guess all that make us more patience ? to withstand each other for the next 50 years 😑

My girlfriends came to my office area to treat me birthday lunch and I managed to organize 1 night sleepover with them. I wish I can do the same with my other group of girlfriends-well, that's on my 2018 goal 😊


For 2018, I had my goals written on my planner already.
Beside what was written on my planner, I also wish that hopefully our world become a safer place to live, so that my family and I can visit each and every city in the world.

Till then, wish everyone the happiest year ahead !

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