23 February 2013

Fast February

February 2013,

This week is the final weekend of February 2013. How time flies and it felt just like yesterday I attended a wedding, flew to Indonesia, finished reading a book and being detached.....

One week ago, I wrote an entry about how bad I am missing my friends.

I admired how some of them already bought their own house, and believe it or not, in just a week, I make a bold decision to buy my own property.

Two weeks ago, I went to Indonesia, buy myself a book for February reading, and to my surprise, I managed to finished reading it in less than a week.

"I thought there was an arrangement being made and apparently I was wrong and it can't be proceeded. It disturb me so much but I choose to remain silent as long as I can handle it."

I just got to know that Mama has a thyroid and I should concentrate on her now. My sister is actively involve in business and I should support her. As for myself, I will get myslef busy with work and put all effort in everything that I should focus now.

Thanks February for the heartache and the blessed.

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