16 February 2013

No social media for me

Well, I am missing my friends..

I disconnect myself from social network.. Totally..

Name it, Facebook, Twitter, every social media I have, I tend to deactivate it,.

But just now, I feel like I am missing all my girlfriends so much..

Be it my friends from primary school, elementary school, high school or Uni school.. All of them, and I started to recall memories.. (' '.)  and I wanted to know their updates, so I activate back my Facebook..

Glad to see they are still active in Facebooking :) some of them are already married. I wasn't invited to their wedding, but it's okay cos I understand. In current world, where everything is connected through technology, I don't blame them if I get left out. I should blame myself for keeping me away from having at least 1 social network to be connected to the world.

Well, I have blogger account, but, this doesn't count, cos, this is more like my online diary ;)

Anyway, back to my friends, some of them are already pregnant and is due anytime soon. Wow, I can't believe when back then we were chatting and discussing about having baby and guessing who will get baby first, and now, most of my good friends are mommies to be. Honestly, deeply inside my heart, I am happy for them :)

Some of them are still enjoying single life.. There are friends who are very career oriented. They love their job so much, and, yeah, I do wonder how much they get paid for their enthusiasm.. There are friends who travel a lot, to Europe and Mediterranean, hmm, how much do they need to spent to have that experience.??? There are friends who already bought a house.. There are friends who drove big car.. There are friends who like to eat at expensive places..

Checking their lifestyle, really makes me feel humble. Yup, and if you ask me why do I deactivate my social network, simply because, I feel very humble. It makes me compare things, what they have and I don't have. So, I prefer not to have any social media to avoid that "feelings" ^__^

Anyway, my friends, if you miss me and want to get in touch with me, just ping me on my mobile. I never change my number. Since high school..

Have a great life everyone !!!

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