03 July 2014

Pregnancy: leg cramps

It was 4 am in the morning and I was repositioning my body when suddenly I felt my under knee at the shin area was in pain. I tried to massage the area but the pain went worst. I didn't know what to do I suddenly cried. (I was crying not entirely because of the pain, but because I remembered a caller on the radio earlier this week said she wasn't able to do kueh raya last Ramadhan because she was half paralyzed - from waist to toe - after giving birth and I imagined the worst, I, too, will paralyze, nauzubillah, scary thing to imagine).

Husband was awoke by my crying and asked what happened. I told him my right leg suddenly feel so painful. But he said don't worry, I just had a leg cramped. He sat up and straighten my leg and gently bend my toes towards me. A few seconds or minutes later the pain was released.

I thanked husband for the knowledge he has on the leg cramps because I was totally clueless that my leg was cramped *sigh* and husband asked why didn't I wake him up, he was so nervous he thought I had a contraction and thought I am about to give birth *lol*.


I did a check up at the government clinic and I told the nurse that I had a leg cramped recently and she said it is normal for a 8 or 9 month pregnant mother but it's too early for me. She said I need more calcium. Well, I admit, I didn't drink or take calcium tablet since my doctor changed my prescription. My HB is very low so I was given a zincofer instead of the normal obimin or folic acid. I can't take zincofer together with calcium and the only time I can consume calcium is at night when usually I'd forgetten and already went to bed *tskkk.

Other reasons of leg cramps during pregnancy:

1) Fatigue of carrying pregnancy weight
2) Compression of the blood vessel in the leg

How to avoid leg cramps - do stretching or exercise.

That was the only time I had a leg cramped and I haven't yet had a swollen feets and legs ache. Maybe soon?

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

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