29 July 2015

Setelah sekian lama,

Assalammualaikum dan heyyo..

Dah hampir setahun sejak kali terakhir saya update blog.
Tiba tiba teringin nak update blog, kenapa? Sebab saya bosan sangat terlantar di hospital dan tak buat apa apa :'( Manager saya dah pesan siap siap jangan check emails, so, okaylah, saya tak buka inbox Lotus Notes tu..

By the way, I was admitted to Damansara Specialist Hospital and underwent some minor operation since yesterday. My groin lymph node has getting bigger and swollen since a month ago. I don't know the source of the infection that cause the growing lymph node so the specialist has took some tissue from the lymph node and send it to lab. So, I am praying for nothing serious hopefully :)

Post kali ni saya saja saja nak update tentang life saya lah.
Biar saya ingat apa yang pernah berlaku sejak saya bersalin sampai sekarang. Hehe..

1) My baby is now 10 month and almost a week old. He can stand on his own but with support of a wall, chair, etc,. He can also crawl with his feet not knee which I find it funny heh heh. He likes to babble which is okay cos I like to watch his face expression when he babbles but sometimes he can be so grumpy tskkkkk. Walaubagaimanapun, saya bersyukur sebab Allah kurniakan baby yang sihat kepada saya.

2) As for my career, I am still working with the same company since the past 5 years plus, but I have went through responsibilities changed few times. At the moment, I'm replacing my Manager who is on her maternity leave to attend Inside Sales Managers meeting between APAC (Asia Pacific) region to represent ASEAN and Oceania (Australia & New Zealand). This is a wonderful opportunity for me because I'm able to communicate with higher level management from other countries like Japan, China, Korea and even America beside ASEAN. Few projects are going on for my department and we are undergoing evolution. So, although I'm in the same company for the past few years, but I'm actually not doing the same job everyday, which is great, right. I thanked my company for the chances.

3) Since early this year, my brother-in-law's wife (or in Malay termed as 'biras') and I has collaborated and came out with a kids clothing label Naurakids. The first batch was a success. We managed to sell almost 90% of our first collection before Hari Raya. Now, we are looking forward to come out with our second collection. We are serious in this business. We have registered our company and setup a bank account. Fret not, my business still has not affect my career because I only doing it during my free time and my biras who is a fulltime housewife, really help me a lot with the business operations. Go and check out IG: @naurakids and FB: www.facebook.com/naurakids .

4) After years of waiting, we, husband and I, finally gotten the key to our house. We were in-doubt when we decided to buy the house. Now that we know the value of the house we feel grateful that we bought it. The location is very near to everywhere, to the highway, expressway, colleges, largest AEON in Shah Alam, TESCO, GIANT, Shah Alam stadium, well it's in Seksyen 13. Unfortunately, we are not going to live there but we are going to rent it out. That is one of our investment plan. Where do we live then? Heh heh, with the parents, still :) Looking forward to buy our second house for living.

I guess that's all for now.

Here is a picture of bonda and Ruhul. People kept confused whether Ruhul is a girl or a boy. That's because his gene is 99% from me :)

Till then.

Love Emy.

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