31 December 2015

2016 Planner

One of my 2016 goal is to be as organize as possible. In order to be organized I have to have a planner to plan ahead.

I was so motivated to buy a planner that I did some research before I bought one. I even tempted to buy Duck Planner. But looking at the price, erm, it's okay, thank you, my husband won't allow.

One of the criteria I'm looking at a planner is its size. I want it to be as small as possible so that I can carry it everywhere in my handbag. A5 is too big for me, so, I decide A6 size is the best.

Next, I want it to be a weekly planner, not daily nor monthly.

With all the research I have done, on the same day, I pleaded husband to go to OU to buy me a planner. I went to TYPO and looking at all the planners available and I'd made my choice.

So, here you go...

A glitter A6 2016 planner from TYPO.

In this tiny book there are contact details page, full calendar page, reference calendar for 2015, 2016 and 2017, Public Holiday- unfortunately they don't have PH for Indonesia, I need to know when my team member is on PH though, Monthly view, weekly view, notes page and even a pocket to keep all your receipts and bills for your review before you throw it away.

I even buy a sticker for this purpose.
And I have a bag for everything, the planner, the stickers, the sticky notepad and the pen. Hehhe. BTW, the bag was given by Chelsia the Ops Manager from Singapore.

The planner only cost me RM38, but still, husband smirked at me when he had to queue to pay for the planner cause he can sense that I will not use the planner and it just the new-year-thingy. I'll take the challenge that my planner will be my bestfriend next year ! :')

Till then, Happy New Year :)

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