01 January 2014

twenty fourteen

Bismillah :)

I know it's kind of annoying, to see me keeps coming back and go again and coming back again  *sigh* To be honest, I only write a blog post when I feel melancholy and if the sadness gets out of control, I will stop writing and close my blog. Well, that was me. I need some space to get my emotions in control again.

But this time around, I don't feel melancholy. Alhamdulillah. I thanked Allah for everything that had happened to me in the past that taught me to be a better me, InshaAllah.

Looking back on twenty thirteen, I thought I listed a long list on what to achieve, apparently, I did not *sigh*

Well, it's okay, as I grow older *yes, I'm aging, are you not?* I realized my focus starts to change. I lived in a temporary world called Dun'ya. I start to realize that nothing I want to achieve in this dun'ya. Not that I give up with this Dun'ya. It just, Allah opens my heart to see that the opposite of temporary world is a forever hereafter and that is Akhirah.

Now, the new me, for twenty fourteen, I choose Akhirah over Dun'ya :)

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