20 February 2014

Frozen 2013

Everyone talked about this movie earlier this year, especially the mommies.

At first, I don't have any interest with the movie due to its simple title, until every young girls in town started to celebrate their birthday party with Frozen theme, it caught my attention. I have to check the movie out, I said to myself. I opened You Tube and listened to the Frozen theme song "Let It Go". Okay, I like the song very much so I should watch the movie.

There I went...

Because I like the movie so much, I watched it twice :)

Frozen is different from other fairy tales story like Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, etc. It is not about true love story with your soulmate, instead, it is about true love act between siblings.

Queen Elsa, the older sister of Princess Anna has been avoiding herself from the public due to her icy power.

During her Coronation Day, her power is revealed to public by accident and have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter. She runs to the mountain and Anna together with Kristoff try to find her. When Anna tries to consult her sister to comeback to their kingdom, Elsa accidentally strikes Anna with her power. There is only one way to save Anna - an act of true love.

I should not spoilt the ending as you must watch it hehe trust me this is one good movie to watch.
Unless, you are someone who never enjoy watching Disney Princess movies, then, I don't suggest.

Lesson learn from the movie - an act of true love is sacrifice. It does not matter what happen to you as long as the one you love is happy and safe. And, true love between siblings is more powerful because they are related and connected by blood. So, you should not abandoned your family for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

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