01 January 2016

Starting 2016

I woke up at 12 am something because of the noisy fireworks, yes, that was how I celebrate my new year, hehhhh. *pathetic*

Ruhul is an early sleeper and he usually goes to bed early like 9 pm, and, I usually will just join him and we both end up sleep together.

Happy New Year from Ruhul Qudus.

The previous post about my planner and how I can't wait to use it, I really mean it y' know, cause now is only the 1st of January but my dear planner is already full with my January plan. Husband still smirks at me everytime I tried to show him my planner and its contains. Bahahaa what an annoying wife.

2015 was a blessed year, of course there were ups and downs, but still a blessed year for me. Sadly, I didn't have any 2015 resolution to ponder.

For 2016, I've listed all that I want to do and achieve in my planner. If anyone wants to know what are my goals, you have to go and steal my planner ;)

Basically, I have goals for all these items:

1) Financial Goals - Everyone predicts 2016 economic will be very bad. I'm preparing myself for the bad. Maybe I will share some tips on some financial experience I had-like education insurance for your kid?

2) Health Goals - I'm not getting any younger, so does everyone. I have to do something about my health. Of course I will start slow, like real slow, but am getting there :)

3) Career Goals - Everyone needs motivation to wake up early every weekday's mornings, I just have to come out with something.

4) Family Goals

Mostly, all my goals are related to the items above. Shocking that I don't have any personal goal. Read books? It's not a goal anymore, it's a hobby that I'll do it when Ruhul doesn't want me to play with him huhu. Travel/trip? That goes under family goals. Self-time? I don't need that yet. I'm so into Ruhul that whatever I do or whenever I go, I still want him to be around. I don't want to miss the chance seeing him grow up *tears*

Anyway, I hope I can do well in 2016 and achieve all the above so I can cross them out from my planner and irritate husband some more tehehe. I wish everyone all the best in 2016 too.

Till then.

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