07 August 2012

Doa yang benar

Good morning dearest ~

I came across someone's blog with the article "Doa yang benar".

The article was not preached on how to recite a correct du'a, nor stating if there is any du'a that we recite everyday is wrong.


Du'a is my weapon and still is.

In my whole life I always believe in my du'a and I will always make du'a for what I want, so, I always get what I want. Be it having good friends, good education, good career, good life and so on.

Because I know what I want, I only pray for what I want and always thought what I want is the best for me.

Sadly, it does not work that way..

That explains why I am not happy with what have been decided for me..

The article tells that human beings tend to request good things according to their parameter. But do we ponder if the good things bring goodness to us? It may seems good to us for now, but will it still be good to us for later?

Therefore, instead of praying for what we want it is better to pray for what is good for us.

Have faith in Allah's parameter in deciding what is best for us because His knowledge is beyond.


" Mintalah yg terbaik utk dirimu dlm do'a mu & bertawakal, tidak usah kecewa bila hasilnya tdk sesuai dgn harapanmu krn sesungguhnya itu merupakan parameter dr seorang manusia, Bukan apa2 dibanding penilaian Allah swt "


And for the first time I am about to leave my decision to Allah to help me decides. I concede that I always perform Salah Hajat to achieve what I want, now, I want to make it the other way around. I will perform Salah Isthikara to make sure what I want is the best for me then only I will perform Salah Hajat to achieve what I believe is good for me after Allah's approval.

Does this article change your point of view on how should we achieve what we want?

-Love Emy-

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