31 August 2012

Happy Independence Day Malaysia !

Happy 55th birthday Malaysia :)

I've read in some random forum sites criticize Malaysia for being weak and timid in getting our liberty when we were colonized by British and others.

Those countries who condemned us, don't have to be specifically which country, but generally those who are envious toward our achievement so far,, actually do not understand the connotation behind our method in getting freedom.

For not being biased, let's categorized people in few categories,

1) those with brains, 2) those with strengths, and 3) those without anything

In any competition, we will use either our brain or our strength to win,, same concept how Malaysia get its independence..

We don't fight in a war doesn't mean we are a weak nation, it only shows we are an intelligent nation in contending our liberty..

Being intelligent is greater than being strong.

How did Singapore achieve its independency? *google google*  Without having to be involved in a war, Singapore proved to be the most developed country in SouthEast Asia, and Malaysia we are still developing but, we ranked number 2.

How did other countries in Southeast Asia get its freedom.? And, Thailand has never been colonized.. Where are they now? *google google*

At least the most poorest family in Malaysia is not as poor as compare to those from third world countries.We don't have to knock on someone's car window to sell tissue.Pursuing study isn't a big problem. Getting a job is quite difficult, but opportunity can be gained. Then, be grateful :)

Proud Malaysian *leaving the political issues behind.

P/S: My historical study is limited to Southeast Asia :p

Q: they say malaysia came from indonesia but why we gained our independence from british? *heeeee*

-Love Emy-


you know who said...

Hehe well said...
It's not necessarily have to be from a war. Besides British were willing to let go all of their commonwealth territories...
Maybe those people are just too proud because they feel like their ancestors has managed to drive the World War II Winning countries away when they tried to occupy their territories back after Japan took it.

PS: When I took Malaysian Study back in Uni, it was said Melacca was attacked and conquered by Majapahit, a Javanese Kingdom. Then the Western came over and started their colonization

Lovely Emy said...

i don't know who, well, you know the last Q was a rhetorical question right :b

*thank u for reading & commenting :)*