11 August 2012

Jakarta ~ from my eyes...

I've been to the second and third largest cities in Indonesia but haven't step my foot on Indonesia's largest city - Jakarta ,until recently. Being born and raised in the suburb area where Petaling Jaya, Damansara and Kuala Lumpur are just nearby ,I don't find Surabaya and Medan is a place to live - for me .So, my trip to Jakarta recently, I didn't put much expectation on how the view , surrounding and the environment will be - as I always hear people say - Jakarta are very hectic , haze and maceettt everywhere, and having an impression on how Surabaya and Medan look like ,I have doubt on its differences when someone tried to promote Jakarta ;),.

13th July - I took an early flight from KUL to CGK.
Since I saw many pictures from my friends who took photos at Sukarno-Hatta International Airport, I knew I won't see anything like I saw in Bandung or Medan's airport. I forgot which terminal we landed, was it Terminal 2 or 3 .? For an Airasia flight.? But the airport reminded me of Budget Terminal in Singapore *actually I don't know what is the similarity between these two airports*  Maybe I was greeted by almost the same way when I arrived . :). The view at the outside of the airport is so spacious that I don't see any maceett environment ?Well, my impression changed a bit, because I thought I will see something that is almost similar to Surabaya's airport, but, no, all you can see is a clean traffic despite the so many people saying hello and goodbye..

While on the highway, I tried to enjoy the view and scenary, simply because I want to compare Jakarta and Malaysia wt*.. haha,.. Indonesian who has been to Malaysia have to admit that Malaysia's highway is still better, right.? I don't remember if there are any 3 lanes highway, maybe yes, but the toll booth only has lanes for cash and 'Touch & Go' like. They don't come up with something like 'Smart Tag' yet.. The toll exit name is so long that I hardly remember which exit I ever took :b  but I remember there is one toll exit called Professor *dunnowhat*.. hehe..

While heading to the city, I started to see buildings, tall buildings and more buildings. There was one time on the road I felt like I'm at Jalan Ipoh, KL and I started to feel the KL's vibes. Honestly, I can't wait to see macet's scene in Jakarta *abnormal* because I heard a lotttt about it, how irritating it is to be stucked for hours.. And finally, on day 2 in Jakarta, I got to experienced the maceett, while sleeping, hahaha,. We were on our way to Tanah Abang and I was so sleepy , so I slept ,and when I woke up the Supir said we can't go to Tanah Abang because the jam was deathly serious he hardly enter the market.. Okayyy, I missed the moment stucked in jam for hours.. Supiirr was Bian.. hehe.. Poor Bian only Mama accompany him while he was driving..

The nightlife in Jakarta is different from KL..Okay, I can't compare much because I only stayed there for 2 nights, but what I can say is Malaysian can hangout until 2-3 am at Mamak while chatting or watching movies or football, which make sense if you're coming late home, but in Jakarta, I don't find any place to hangout until 2-3 am.. *I don't compare night clubs activity*  I should explore more on the nightlife activities, exclude clubbing~.. Oh ya, I remember on the first night we stopped at Seven Eleven to find something,and guess what?the teenagers were hangout at the Seven Eleven.!! Of course, don't imagine their Seven Eleven is like ours, haha, because their Seven Eleven is more bigger and more wide range of food choices, and there are tables for hangout.. Hmm, the event is similar to teenagers in Malaysia hangout at the McDonalds doing homework or assignment..

And so, everything that changed my point of view towards Jakarta cannot beat this one reason - The Mall - I just love the fact that Jakarta has a lot of shopping malls. It reminded me of home and more ツ We went to Grand Indonesia and to me it's almost like Pavilion. I don't remember walked across any Gucci, Prada, Channel boutique, but, they have Magnum Café. How cool is that.? The ambient of their foodcourt is nicer, oh, maybe almost similar to the Pavilion. To my surprise, Malaysia's cinema lobby isn't anything like their cinema lobby, it was spacious and looks high end, or maybe we can compare The Signature@The Garden with theirs.. And the normal cinema hall is larger than our Hall 1 and Hall 2.. Oh, I started to love Jakarta ◕‿◕

Well,, from my 3 days 2 nights experienced,, I can say that,, I can survive in Jakarta. .❀‿❀..

 I will be back~~!

-Love Emy-

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