02 August 2012

The famous Coconut Shake

Klebang, Melaka - Last weekend I went to Melaka with MY babes for site recce. We went to two hotels for surveying for our teambuilding event this year. We settled everything around 5 pm and decided to straight headed to find place for Iftar. Izati suggested having seafood at Klebang, but I was craving for Assam Pedas Melaka. Since I do not know where is the best place to eat Assam Pedas in Melaka, I let Izati lead us to Klebang. On our way to Klebang, Izati kept telling us about the most famous Coconut Shake in Klebang. I am not a fan of any milkshake drinks, except chocolate milkshake,, *suddenly craving*  but Izati managed to influenced all of us to try it. Us - includes Maya's hubby - Hafiz..

The stall located merely by the roadside along Jalan Klebang Besar next to the Caltex station. By far we can see people queuing to buy the Coconut Shake and all of sudden I felt excited and asked Hafiz to stop the car and join the people queuing,, haha,, actually I was scared they ran out of coconuts LOL. Maya reminded us that we still have not perform our Solah, oh ya, luckily there is a mosque nearby. From the mosque we were having difficulties to make a U-turn back to the stall, thus, we kept teasing Izati on her craved for the drink.

At the stall we have to queue for about 10 minutes or less. While queuing I observed the way they made the drink. Inside the blender that is full of ice cubes they put the coconut meat, pour the coconut water and scoop the Wall's vanilla ice cream. Funny they did not blend all the ingredients straightaway but pour it all into a mixer. I am guessing they just want to make sure all ingredients are adequate before blending it in a more large mixer.

And so, taraaaa,

The most famous Coconut Shake in Kelebang, Melaka with only RM2.20 シ

The coconut shake was refreshing and I liked to chew the coconut meat, unfortunately, the ice cream spoilt me -__-" I don't think I have to tell what happen to me later that night, but anything that is milky and creamy is not suitable for me for breakfasting.

-Love Emy-

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