28 May 2014

my Ramadhan goals

Salam to all Muslims out there,

A quick question for you, do you realize than Ramadhan is 30 days away?
Have you prepare yourself for it?
A survey shown that many of us still have not yet written our goal for Ramadhan.
Obviously, many of us still have not yet prepare for it.
By the way, my Ustadz from Al-Quran class has set his students goal for this Ramadhan - to complete the book of Quran. That motivates me to come out with my own list for Ramadhan :)
5 goals for 2014 Ramadhan:
1) Never skip suhoor
2) Attend taraweeh at least 10 times
3) Never skip tahajood
4) Complete the book of Quran
5) Memorize Yassin with the correct tajweed
Seems easy? We will see. Oh, my intention of sharing my goals purely to inspire my Muslim friends to come out with their own goal for this coming Ramadhan. I will not share my end results of course.
May this Ramadan be one we benefit fully from and whereby we increase in our imaan and taqwa, InshaAllah.
Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

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