22 May 2014

The Little Rascals 2014

When I was a kid, I remember I played the movie over and over and over again because 
I love how cute the kids were. That was 20 years ago? Haha.

So, you know I have this New Year resolution to watch 100 English movies in 365 days *sigh. I can't read 100 books, so I thought watch movie is easier heh.

While choosing what movie to watch today, I saw this poster - The Little Rascals 2014.

Though I can assume what is the story plot likes, I still want to spend my time watching it. I didn't read the summary because I thought it will copy cat the old The Little Rascals movie. Well, it's not exactly the same but almost similar.

The Little Rascals 2014 is about the rascals try to raise money to save Spanky's grandmother's bakery. They do everything from finding a job and get fired to running their own business like doing pet spa, cab service and hold a wrestle competition. But all go wrong and instead of getting money, they are losing them.

Their final resort is to enter the "Talent Show" competition and amazingly their horrible sounds of music turn fine in the end and so they win the competition and manage to raise money for Grandmother.

Lesson learn from the movie - you can't be too bossy or people will dislike you, never give up and teamwork. Also, jealousy will bring you down.

Have fun watching it, if you want ~

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