06 January 2016

The Chains Board

The best travel souvenir for me definitely is keychain. I don't like fridge magnet because I don't have fridge. I'm okay with bookmark though. Postcard? They get seasoned overtime.

I used to hung all my keychains on my cubicle wall and one day, I removed it all because it made my wall and desk look so messy. I want to be minimalist y' know *rolls eyes*.

Personally, I love them all because each, has a sentimental value to me, like, the person who gave it to me-though, honestly some of it I forgot who gave *sigh*, the country they went to-inspires me to visit them.

I told my colleagues that I love my keychains and I want to hang them to show off, bahaha, but I hate the fact it makes my desk look messy. In 2016 I want to be organized, remember? Izati then suggested that I should hang them on a memo board.

Seriously, I bought the idea, haha. During New Year's weekend I went to the nearest Daiso which is in OU and I got myself a memo board to hang all the keychains.

And, this is how it looks,

I don't hang all my keychains and only put the nicest one due to the small size of the board. I still have some space for keychains from Japan that husband bought for me during his trip to almost all the cities in Tokyo *envy*.
The memo board is quite small (30x40 cm). I should go and see the one at Ikea if they have a bigger size.

Till then, bye.

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