02 January 2016

52 week money challenge

Thanks to Izyan Darlina on her post that I've decided to try this money challenge this year.

Last year, I did do money challenge by taking out every RM5 in my purse and put it in a box. It went well but after some time, I realized that I didn't take out money from my purse anymore because I didn't have any green color note in my purse. Well, people who knows me, know that I prefer do online banking on anything and if there is a need to use cash, only I will withdraw my money. I'm cashless and I'm not paranoid if I'm being pickpocket because I don't have money hahahhh.

Anyway, since this money challenge only requires me to take out money once every week, I think, this should be doable.

But, instead of starting up with RM1 in Week 1, I decided to start with RM52 in week 1. Why? Cos in January I'm still "rich" from my 13 month salary haha. And instead of keeping it in a jar, I will transfer it every Friday to my TH account :)

Remind me to share the result after 52 weeks eh ;)

BTW, get your 52 week money challenge printable here if you wish to start with RM52.

I paste mine on my cubicle wall =)

Till then.

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