17 June 2014

Arab girls gathering

Note: Before anyone read and make further assumption, let me emphasize that the title is not related to any Arab girls nor do we claim we look like one :)

Few weeks ago, I received a Whatsapp message from one of my sweetheart from Arab class who then was asking whether or not I'm interested to join her attending Being Me (Muslimah conference) that held on 14th June 2014. Man, she souldn't ask me and should have just buy the ticket instead *sigh. I wouldn't say NO. I love attending Ilm event but eversince I got pregnant I have to minimize the activity and choose one that is not conducted at night. So, I said yes and looking forward for the event.

I stopped Arab class during my first trimester because I had a very bad morning sickness and among it - easily felt tired and sleepy. So, I haven't seen the Arab girls for few month already. I miss them so much. And the opportunity given by Allah to see them again I'm ,so grateful.

Here we are :)

Believe me, I'm the 'youngest' among all :P hahaaa, of course I'm the oldest, they are all so young and pretty and already exposed to love Islam at the very young age. I wish I could turn back time and attend more Ilm event to increase my deen.

InsyaAllah I will share in my blog what I gained during the conference. According to one of the speaker, he said, you gain nothing if you don't do anything with the knowledge you just gained.

P/s: You won't be able to see my tummy because I'm so petite *sigh. People wouldn't know that I'm pregnant if I don't tell. They will just thought that I have a puffy tummy.

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

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