09 June 2014

EPF withdrawal to purchase a house

Note: My experience is based on purchasing a house from a developer.

My company declare it's a holiday in lieu due to Agong's birthday today. So I thought I should get my things-to-do-list done before my due date. One in the list is to withdraw the EPF money (from Account 2) for house that husband & I purchased last year.

We just need to have:

1) Application form KWSP 9C (AHL) - download here
2) Original and photocopy of Sales & Purchase agreement (3 years validity from signed date)
3) Original and photocopy of Letter of Offer from bank (applicable for housing loan)

Submit all the required documents to the nearest EPF branch and I am done.
The money will be credited to our bank in within 2 working weeks.

You can read more from their portal,

MY version
EN version

Make sure you read the manual to understand further like who is eligable to apply, terms of withdrawal, how much amount you can withdraw, etc,.

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

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