18 June 2014

Farrell Iskander aqiqah ceremony

Muhammad Farrell Iskander is my newborn nephew.

Recently, we had his Aqiqa ceremony at home. He was being a good boy during the entire event. Mak Long prays Farrell will always be a good boy :) ameen, insyaAllah.

Farrell Iskander's throne.
Farrell Iskander and his Papa & Mama during the 'cukur jambul/cukur rambut' ceremony. He went bald after the event.
Farrell Iskander in his cute 'baju melayu' sleeps like a prince in his throne :)

Farrell Iskander with Mak Long.

Oh, I miss this little man so much. See my tummy, there's Farrell's cousin inside, teheee.

Haha, sorry, I don't have anything much to say. Anyway, Aqiqa is one of the Islamic ceremony to celebrate the newborn baby in Islam. You can sacrifice animal(s) and cook it and distribute it to others and also totally remove the baby's hair. The true intention of the event is to show one's gratefulness to Allah.

I can't wait to organise my own baby aqiqah event :))

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

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