07 June 2014

Love the One you're with

Hey hey, this is my first book review for this year.
It is taking too long cos this actually is the first book I've read this year *sigh.

I've bought this book 2 years ago while I accompanied my best colleague to buy something for her weekly/monthly reading. Right before I made the purchased, she said that she is going to loan out a book to me that she bought in US. When I showed her what I just bought, she surprisingly said that this is the exact book she wants me to read.

Anyway, the real title of this book is, "If you can't forget the one who got away, can you love the One you're with"..

The book is about Ellen who just got married to Andy suddenly bump into his ex-boyfriend Leo. There is still unsettle emotions going on and Ellen just need to find it out. She told Andy about Leo and Andy makes her choose. She travels to New York to sort out the feeling and she meets Leo, but the feelings are clear to her now. Leo is her past and Andy is her present & future.

Lesson learn from the book: You always know that the one you are married to is the best Allah has chooses for you :)

Till then. bye.
Love, emy.

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