04 June 2014

One day food trip in Penang

We were invited to attend friend's wedding at Bagan Serai last Sunday. Since it's a school holiday until next week, the traffic was massived with vehicles, thus, our initial plan of a day trip to Bagan Serai was changed to Plan B. We stayed in Penang Island on Saturday and went down to Bagan Serai on the next Sunday as we don't want to get too tired driving all the way from KL.

We travel to Penang too much to explore the places, thus, we decided this time we are going to hunt for the foods.

Mee Goreng Sotong (fried noodle with squids) @ Restaurant Hameed, Padang Kota Lama

Nasi Kandar (rice with variety of curries and side dishes) @ Restaurant Deen, Jelutong

Roti Canai Daging (pratha bread like), Transfer Road


Coconut Milkshake @ Restaurant Jalil, Padang Kota Lama

Amazingly, each restaurant we went to, we have to long queue. It made us wanted to stay in queue to taste the food even more. Is the foods tasty? Well, I managed to finish it all, so I guess the foods is a must try, yes, no? Hehe.

Our next must try food in Penang is Assam Laksa & Char Kuey Tiew :)

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

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