19 June 2014

Pregnancy: Tetanus injection

I had my first tetanus (ATT) injection on my 5th visit of pregnancy check up.

The doctor never give me heads up about the injection, like a month before the check up, so I wasn't prepared mentally and physically. And because of that, right after the injection, I had a mild fever, flu, sore throat and swelling at injection site which is at my buttock area *sigh. I hardly sit properly and thank you to husband who always laugh at me for having too many issues at that area since I got pregnant. I had constipation and sometimes diarrhea and few other embarrassing affliction at that area.

I googled why should I received this shot during pregnancy, apparently, it helps to prevent tetanus to me and my baby. I understand from my doctor that before I deliver my baby, I should get my second shot. Now that I'm mentally prepared, I hope I'm not as weak as I am now *sigh.

Being pregnant is so challenging yet so fun. I have so many reasons to tell my husband that I can't do many things that I usually do like walking fast, so he will walk slowly with me despite his long leg is usually 2 to 3 steps ahead of me. Thank you husband for being considerate although you laughed at my swollen injection area :)

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

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