27 June 2014

haze o haze

It has been a week since I received my tetanus injection (entry: Pregnancy: Tetanus injection) and it has been almost a week I had my fever. I thought the injection cause the fever, apparently not really, I'm actually lacking of water. The weather is so warm and hazy lately and cause my eyes to teary, cough and flu.

I went to see a doctor and she gaves me a lot of medicines which, I'm afraid to consume. I scared it will affect my baby but the doctor says no, but who knows. I never like to eat pills, I usually let myself recover naturally.

But last night I was coughing like non-stop and husband could not sleep. He ask me to drink the cough syrup, well, it healed me that night. Alhamdulillah, I'm a bit better today.

Anyway, I hope people out there take care of your health. It's not cool to celebrate Ramadhan by being sick teheee. It's hazy so stay indoor, drink plenty of water and turn on your aircond. This message brought to you by lovely emy.

Till then, bye :)

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