20 June 2014

Pregnancy: scaling during pregnancy

I have bleeding gums problem since before I pregnant but right after I'm pregnant, the problem has become severe. Not only I spit blood when I brush my teeth, my gums feel itchy too and swollen at few places. I mentioned about it to my doctor and she gaves me Calcium and Vitamin C tablets to be taken daily. But only consumed the pills wasn't sufficient, my gums was still bleeding, so I decided to go to dental care and get consultation from a dentist.

No kidding, but it was really scary to see a dentist, haha, I thought only kids will feel that. Husband scared of the dentist too :B Yeah, husband did scaling too, hehe,.

I asked so many questions to the dentist and he gaves me a lot of advises too, like what I should and shouldn't be eating, etc. No, it is not dangerous to do scaling during pregnancy and it is even better if you have severe gum disease. And, it is normal for pregnant lady to be infected by a gum disease. So, it is your responsibility to take extra care of it.

Alhamdulillah, so far, I don't spit blood when I brush my teeth :)

Till then, bye.
Love, emy.

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